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My good life______chapter 3


Then I fainted.I was taken to the nurse.My three friends were there too.Sally took out a bracelet and said:

“We will go to the past.”

Then she pressed a button with “One hour before” written on it.and they were back to time.

“Hey look!”, Jack said.

We were again thinking what to do.Sallay ran to him and hold him.He was saved from tripping.

Sally suggested we can play “catch”.So we started playing.

“Oh good!”this bracelet save our life.we were all happy.Sallay’s bracelet brought us back to normal one was hurt and no one was angry any more.

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Mary’s adventure: chapter 1

“I know you will be alright”, said Mary ‘s mom to Mary. Mary was eight years old and was scared of kids war . Its a day in a camp where kids fight with water balloons. The last one wet will get a medal. Ever since mary joined the war. People will grow water balloons at her first. Its the sixth annual kids war and she was still scared even if she joined the war five years ago. And she still thinks it’s bad news. She began to cry.”Just hope maple will be in your group”, said Mary’s mom. Maple is Mary’s best friend. She is nine years old and is kind to mary. That comforted mary. The list of the groups came the next day. Mary checked the list. She ‘s with Maple, Tom, Harold and Janet.  Mary checked who ‘s the leader. It said Maple is. “Good” said Mary. A day passed and it’s the day to discuss. “I hope you try your best Mary “, said her little brother Jack. “Thanks”, said Mary. Then after ten minutes Mary ‘s group arrived. ” Maple what do you think which wepon will be better “, asked Janet. ” Get the extra large water balloons”, said Maple. ” And the shield should be big “, she added. ” Now the only thing left is the group’s name “, said Harold. ” What about Fire kids?”, said Mary ironically. So the groups name is Fire kids. Two days passed and finally the day had came at last.

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Guess what..

Guess what had happened to me I was playing with my robot car. But then I turn it into a car with the remote.  it got near a chair but when I turn it a robot it stuck. I got worried and tried two more times. but when I checked it guess what two staples were stuck to it.

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My Good life ___2

2_Second break:

In the next break it was so hot.Luckily Sally had an extra cap ,she offered me that and I accepted.

“what we will do now?”, asked Jack.

“What if Jack will run around,rest of us will follow you and tixie will be behind us!”

“great idea!”said Tom and Sally together but Jack refused.He just started running around by himself and tripped.His hat fell down.He was bleeding under the burning Sun.Sally and Tom hurriedly took him to the nurse while I sat with Tixie and waited for them.

The Principal called in the speaker when I was about to pat Tixie:

“Zac’s friends come to my office now!”

I went to the principal office, feeling miserable.The principal,Mr. Hector was furious upon me.

“stay here for two hours! You are grounded”.

After those two hours I was really feeling upset.At the moment I found Tixie coming towards me .There was a note said in her neck:

“Dear Zac!We aren’t your friends anymore because you broke Jack’s arm.Afterall it was your idea to run!”

It was signed by Tom and Sally.

“No!No!No!”.I Wimperd. I was so upset as I lost my only friends.I heard Tixie run away.i felt more started raining.i was getting wet.The rain turned to a was worst for me.i felt fainted.i was so hurt by a this all that I couldn’t face turned red.



Mak,The Author

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My good life!

Almost being shy in new school

1_ finding a new friend:

Hey! My name is Zak and I was a little shy in my new school.It was break,I was sitting on a bench while I heard some sounds of footsteps.Two boys and a girl with a pet turtle were walking besides.they were busy some conversation.

“We need a new friend!”said the girl.

“we can’t find any so fast!”said the boy next to her.

He saw me, stopped and stared at me.The other two noticed me too and started staring me.turtle who was right behind a boy stared at me and got interested.

Hmmmm!”.said the girl.”looks like we found a person finally.”

The turtle started walking towards me.He liked my face.the other three came after the 🐢.One boy said,”Bad,Tix,bad!”.Then he turned to me and said,”sorry!that’s an accident,he really is naughty”.

“Well,I liked it!”.I replied.

“Do you want to join our group?”,asked the girl.

“why not!”I said,”I want to!”.

“ok!”said other boy.

“Let’s say our names to him so he can know us!”they said their names.

The girl was Sally,the next boy,Tom,was her brother and the boy who owned the 🐢 was Jack.It was class time.

“We will play together in next break!”,said Tom.

We all went to our class that was was good those were my class mates.